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Hinges for fastening to metal

The high mechanical load limits of our hinges stabilise your metal products and in this metal combination form a harmonious overall image.

A number of designs and ways of working as well and a wide range of materials and surface options enable you to find a perfect match for your cardboard packaging styles.

Together Schmale hinges and clasps give your product a harmonious overall image.

Taking into consideration the material properties and wall thicknesses of your packaging, our hinges and hinge systems offer you various fastening options, according to your requirements, and a highly efficient and economical way of fastening hinges using fastening machines specially designed for our hinge systems. Single hinges for nailing or screwing are recommended for smaller quantities.

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Hinges - other versions

  1. 01 Hinges for welding
    pdf Download catalogue page
  2. 02Hinges for nailing or riveting
    pdf Download catalogue page
  3. 03 Hinges for clipping with or without spring
    pdf Download catalogue page
  4. 04Hinges with prongs from the roll
    Suitable for fully automatic SAP5/3P and SAP6/3P fastening machines .
    pdf Download catalogue page
  5. 05 Hinges with prongs (single)
    Suitable for semi-automatic SVM1/1P fastening machines.
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Clasp system

Metal clasps for various applications.

Technical innovations: The machines.

Machines for attaching hinges and locks (from the reel and individual), combined machines…

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