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Brief description

The SVM1/1P is a high quality machine for attaching hinges and clasps with fastening prongs. The single hinges and single clasps are attached to your product (cases, caskets…) with this machine.


Special features

Changing the operating mode “Hinge fastening“ and“ Clasp fastening“ is very quick to carry out.

Benefits / Characteristics

  • can be used for various materials (all types of wood, certain tinplates and plastic)
  • very low capital cost
  • ideal for short runs
  • precision attachment of the hinges and clasps
  • consistent high quality
  • ease of operation
  • verschiedene Befestigungsarten möglich (Innen- und Außenanschlag, Flach- und Schiebedeckel)
  • works with all Schmale hinge and clasp models with fastening prongs
  • meets current machine regulations 2006/42/EU “CE“
  • only branded components used
  • very maintenance friendly
  • service and maintenance available
  • Made in Germany

Technical Data

Dimensions / Hinge fastening mode:
Length 500 mm
Width 750 mm
Height 1,180 mm

Dimensions / Clasp fastening mode:
Length 500 mm
Width 1,300 mm
Height 710 mm

ca. 60 kg

Noise emission:
70 dB(A)

Power supply:

Pneumatic operating pressure:
6±0,5 bar

Cylinder compression force:
7.300 N


All Schmale hinge models with fastening prongs

Hinge length:
depending on tool (10–30 mm)

All Schmale clasp models with fastening prongs

Work space:
Length (A) unlimited
Width (B1) max. 210 mm
Width (B1i) min. 10 mm
Width (B2) max. 210 mm
Width (B2i) min. 10 mm
Depth (C) max. 450 mm

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